LED tail light retrofit

I started my retro with 70ma superflux LEDs, screw the reading heres the pics thus far! these LEDs put 5mm LEDs to shame…

1 tail lights and 3rd brake light finished

lookin good now get them on the car!

What did you do to make them run via running lights vs. brake lights. More info please…

nice bro

looks good. It takes a lot of time. Atleast all the lighting ive done

thx for the comments guys, now finished night pics!

D@mn thats pretty cool man…

dude, thats sick

more pics:

Wow, that’s great. Too bad you don’t live here, I’d pay you to do mine haha

Bad donkey Brizzle!

what kind of led and what about the board?

thx for the comments guys! took about 12 hours of work total

the boards for the LEDs are preferated 6x8 board from radioshack that i cut with a dremel
the LEDs are 2.91v 70ma Red-Orange Superflux
and the PWM is an Opti-Drive made by an awesome guy i know
total cost was about $60 for the retro

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looks good Brian

started my front turn signal retro

turning signal:

u really like leds! nice bro

Nice! They are hella bright! even in the day time…good work man!!!

one so far

wow thats really nice bro