Left side lights are dim

Hi all,
I just finished installing my hornblasters rhino horn and it works fine however something’s have happened. I have a 2005 f150 and the left headlight and fog light are dim and my left directional is solid and the high beams are about 5% on. When the lights are on and I try to use my wipers they go so slow or even stop half way. When I turn the lights off, however, they run at normal speed. Does anyone know how to fix this/know what wires do what in the ignition harness? Thanks guys I’ve been trying to fix this for a week.

First thing to try is to disconnect your horn setup entirely and check if it brings your other systems back to normal.

^^^^^^^^ what DBO said, if the problem presist’s even after disconnecting the horn setup check for a short of a voltage drop.

I second this motion…

The problem still is there even after disconnecting the horn set up. How do I test for the voltage drop? What else could this be?

Check your ground connections are solid and clean the battery terminals. Dim headlights are often a grounding issue and it could be something that was altered incidentally.

What should I use to clean the battery terminals?

Use a wire brush or some sandpaper.

It was the grounding thank you so much everything works perfectly now!

You’re welcome. Enjoy the horn!