Left Turn After Green Arrow

There’s a traffic intersection in my town where the northbound traffic light has an additional green arrow light for left turns. Of course, it’s timed so that left arrow comes on FIRST allowing those folks to turn left, before the green light turns and both directions can proceed.

You know what happens: 2 or 3 cars try to sneak through on left turns after the light turns green for both directions, and the impatient fvcks are cutting directly in front of oncoming traffic.

Yesterday I’m in my truck and I’m the first vehicle on the other side of the intersection, my light is red and the oncoming traffic has the green left arrow. At that point, I’m smiling because I know exactly how this is going to go down. My light turns green and off I go. 3 cars in the other direction are still proceeding through on left turns, cutting directly in front of me. By the time I get midway across the intersection I’m bearing down on the 3rd car, a compact, and he’s riding the a$$ of the car in front of him to squeeze through. I’m right on top of him, and I BLAST HIM with a good 3 second shot from my new hornblaster K5LA. I see this guy physically twist around in his car seat… like "HOLY !$%@ SH1T !!!

Didn’t expect THAT did’ja buddy …

You’ll think TWICE before doing THAT again, won’tcha pal …



Yessssiree, and thank you very much!

Now there’s a prime example of what I think is a legal use for those horns…I like it!

lol that hasn’t happened to me yet. but when I just got mine installed i would drive in the right lane and hoped some slow retard would pull out in front… That way I could blast em :smiley:

I did something similar once - but it was raining…
I scared the guy so badly, he punched the gas and spunout in the intersection…
I swerved around him and went on my way… I’m sure he had a pantload of feces to deal with…

haha I scared my friend the day I got my horns in. Didnt tell him that I had horns or anything. and gave him a blast, he jumped and did the usual dance. Later he told me that he just about poop himself and that train horns are awesome.

haha I got a girl to drop her purse… my brother got someone to drop their cell phone
Train Horns FTMFW

Continuing [Driver’s] Ed…


No doubt about it, the horns are empowering…

Great stuff!

My two youngest daughters are on the local competitive cheerleading team… they’re excellent young gymnasts/tumblers. Anyway, they are good friends with two other sisters whom I pick up and take home for practices-games-meets.

This past weekend I had finished my basic install and picked them up after a football game. I dropped them off at their home at around 7:30 PM. The sun had set and it was dark, and as I pulled up to their home I gave a double BLAST, just announce we were “home” :smiley:

They have a large bay window in their living room, and a few seconds after blasting I saw someone go running across the house.

Their older sister Kayla had apparently dozed off on the couch. She had no idea what the sound was but in a “dazed and confused state” thought their home was “UNDER ATTACK”.

HA! :smiley:

The best laugh I’ve had recently !!!

haha thats great

Question is, would things be different if your vehicle wasn’t so “unique” ?


^^ No comment lol. I guess we will never know.

I’m driving through the center of Ware, MA last night around 9:00 PM, returning from a nice Thanksgiving day get together with my outlaws and low and behold, some punk weasel decides to make a quick left turn and abruptly cut me off… cuz he doesn’t feel like waiting a few seconds.

So, on come the high beams and a good BLAST from my new hornblaster K5LA’s…

I couldn’t see him in his car, but the car comes to a complete stop on the far side of the intersection as I clear his back side, with no one in front of him. :slight_smile:

Didn’t see THAT coming, did’ja buddy???

Bet’cha you’ll think twice before doing THAT again, won’tcha pal ???

[sniff] [sniff], Hey, what’s that smell, did you “soil” your shorts there ???


You know, it was so worth getting these horns. There’s a reason why we’re called “Massholes” here in my State. We earned that distinction by the way we drive here.

The hornblasters.com slogan is so true: Don’t Blow Your Temper, Blow Your Horns.

Amen brothers, amen.

lol. Thats great.