Legally loudest?

This is a little off the tracks but hopefully not too far. I know that all train horns are pretty much illegal to use on the road everywhere and throwing the switch and beeping your stock horn isn’t fooling any law enforcement officer, not even Barney. Most likely it will just piss them off. So I was thinking, what about a set of legal semi horns along with a set of train horns and your little switched just switched off the big boys leaving you with the truck horns? Anyone done this or does everyone do this? Which semi horns are the legally loudest? Are all Grover or Hadley’s about the same?

See the thread in this catagory “if you get a ticket”.

on the grovers, just make sure you dont have the stuttertone horns, these horns are for emergency vehicles only, umm in texas the law states that if you have an air operated horn on your vehicle you cannot have more than a 10 gallon air tank and/or more than 115psi in the tank. there is also a law stating that you cannot have your air horns/train horns mounted on top of your vehicle unless you have the permit to do so. which is only $3.00 per horn on a vehicle…

Keep in mind that it’s basically illegal to use ANY horn (including the OEM horn) in a non Emergency situation :o

That means if you’re behind some old lady at a red light and she doesn’t move when it turns green and you beep your horn, a cop can write YOU a ticket :eek:

Same goes if you’re picking up your GF at her house and instead of ringing to doorbell or calling her on her cell, you give her a toot :rolleyes:

That being said, if you used your train horns in an actual Emergency, I doubt any cop short of being a prick would write you a ticket :cool:


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eh just pay the ticket and get over it. thats my opinion

i dont think a cop can ticket you for beeping on private property plus i blow my train horns at cops and laugh at them

I’d almost bet some the cops here in California would find a way to ticket you, even on your own property. Not all of the cops here are a$$holes but there’s enough. They would try to use something like disturbing the peace.

If they catch you with a train horn here, you better have some kind of proof of purchase because of train horn thefts by low lifes, gangs, or illeagal immigrants that just want the brass content for recycling.