Leslie be actin' all crazy and what not!

I’m at wits end with my rs5t… I only have one out of 5 bells voicing now. I’ve taken them apart twice and blew air through the manifold and each of the individual bells and no clogs. I’m starting to think its the power chambers. But, how do 4 out of 5 chambers go bad all at once??? unless there is trash in them??? It’s not the gaskets or donuts because they are brand new from tom aker. Should this be a complicated fix???

yes…too much pressure into horn

No, not too much pressure to the horns…

Take the power chamber, blow air into the inlet hole with an air nozzle of some kind. If you hear a high pitched squeal, it’s working (usually); if it just sounds like air, it need remachining. I’m pretty sure your PC’s are just worn from alot of service. I can hook you up with a guy that’s a pro at machining Leslie power chambers. PM me if you want his contact info.

Oh and just another question… What size airline, how much pressure, etc? Leslie’s (as I’m sure you know) demand a high volume of air, but at no more than 135-140 PSI.

tx… your 2 cents is not accurate because as i mentioned in the other thread i’ve only blown 100psi into these horns and they sounded awesome… but all of a sudden only 1bell is voicing… that big ugly test tank in my avatar pic has rust chip in the bottom and i think some little pieces got somewhere…

honda… thanks for the info ill try blowing an air gun to the diap. are you talking about tom aker for rebuilding them??? if so… about how much does that cost for rebuilding all five???

pm sent hondaguy