Leslie rs 31 psi

I have a Leslie rs31 I jus put on my truck and was wondering bout what the psi rating is on it. If i run to much psi what will I mess up?

Is it a RS3L? Or a RS31? If you run over 140 to either horn, you risk damaging the nozzles on the power chambers. The cheapest I can find to get them fixed is $25 a power chamber. A new one is WAYYYY more than that and so is a used one. Just keep it below 140 PSI. You have no need to go over that anyways.

I think it is a rs 31. I don’t know much about horns yet. I bought it off of ebay. It’s just a single horns. Is it a decent horn? Appreciate the help.

Yeah, if it’s a RS31 it’s just the #31 Leslie bell on a single manifold. It’s a great horn to me since I collect them but if you got it to scare people with, you might want to reconsider. It’s just going to play a low note almost like a boat horn but a little higher pitched.