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I have a set of Leslie RS5T horns which have been removed from their manifold with just a fragment of it left attached on each horn to allow me to supply the air and mount them more freely, but if you look in the photos you’ll see that the small inner metal pipe (which presumably takes the air feed to the diaphragm) has a hole much smaller than the entrance hole above.

My question is whether or not I need to do anything special here, or will using a nipple in the top metal threaded hole with an airline work just fine (without wasting air and lowering pressure etc).???

What you’re looking at is the orifice dowel. They control the amount of air the horn gets. There are five different orifice sizes, ranging from the largest to smallest (#1) - (#5). The marking will be inscribed on the dowel but you can obviously measure the hole as well to find out if yours is right.

#1 0.172"
#2 0.125"
#3 0.109"
#4 0.095"
#5 0.080"

The #1 size dowels were only ever used on industrial warning signals due to the wear they cause. In a 3 or 5 bell supertyfon you would see a mix in dowel sizes.

Ok, but I’m needing to use a nipple them aren’t I, will that work fine?

Guess so. Given that the manifold has been butchered you probably don’t have much choice.

Butchered by the guys at realtrainhorns (whom kept the good condition one and sliced up a less than stellar one). It’s necessary to be able to mount the beasts onto ‘project crazyhorn’ hehe ;):smiley:

Could someone tell me where to purchase diaphrams for RS-5T Leslie train horns. thanks, jim

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