Leslie RSL3LR

Here’s my Leslie before I painted it black. I was in a hurry to let my friend borrow it for a show so we slapped some green rattle can paint on it and that piece of metal between the notches. Needless to say, it was so loud that the car show “officials” kept getting on to him haha.

And here it is now…

And the finale. This is what it looked like the day I got it, after a couple of coats of aircraft stripper… I know, I know, why didn’t I just get it bead blasted? Because I can’t do that and I like to do my own work lol…

I’ll add more of my horns to this later. Too tired right now lol

how much are them horns worth about?

i can get my hands on 2 or 3 sets i think…

In that shape, around 300 at the lowest. Cleaned up like it is now, probably 4-500+.

The painted ones looks beautiful.From where you got this?I have been trying fro one.

ebay buy now 389.00 new