Leslie S3l horn W/ round backed power chambers

Hey all,

I have a leslie S3l im trying to find a new home for. its in good condition and sounds awesome!!! it has the old style round backed power chambers and is painted black. it could use a bath and paint job though…

im asking $450 for it or make an offer!!



hehe, thanks for reminding me!! lol

No problem…nice horns…but is the middle one bent?

yeah, it came off a now scrapped weherhaeuser engine soo who knows what they did to it… but it still produces that wonderful leslie sound.

nice…g/l with the sale

What is the date stamp on the manifold base? Two digit number.

Are the backs of the bells bronze or aluminum…


since it has the old style caps its must be from around the 70s, sweet horn!

Aluminum tabbed PCs date it from the 60’s. If it were bronze, it would be from the 50’s era. A date stamp would tell for sure.


i think the date stamp on it says “66” and there is a tag on the manifold that says
“L-3L-R” and “VAR.”

And in case you didn’t know, the first one is the model and the second, “var”, means variable orifice.

WOW so this is from the 60’s?

Yep… if it does say “66”. Not calling the OP a liar, but he said he thinks it says that so yeah

so wouldnt it be worth alot?

It’s a late tabbed back (different from a round back or a RS spiked back. They were used up until 66 or 67 era. Aluminum tabbed backs are worth more than round backs, and bronze tabbed backs are worth even more.

If you had something from the 50’s, then it might be worth more. You have it priced pretty good.


ill have to get some video of how it sounds! prolly do that this week sometime… im suprised no one wants this baby!!


the horn is still available for sale!!

Do all bells work and sound correct chords…??

Yes, all the bells work and i do believe they sound the correct notes, they do need to be cleaned and im sure a new set of diaphrams wouldnt hurt, but it does sound awesome.


do the bells have any numbers stamped on them…