Leslie Superfyton

Hey Community, newbie to the train horns. I am in LA (Lower Arkansas) and I have a few questions:confused: to ask the PROS;) that I am sure are here!!

I have acquired a Leslie S3L, the best I can determine. It was in bad condition and I like to restore stuff and cleaned it up and was searching for info about it. One curious thing is the manifold has no markings at all, except for a casting number and from what I have read, this is probably a replacement manifold? Another odd thing is the manifold has a check valve in each end for the horns on the end. I have not seen anything anywhere about check valves in manifolds and was wondering if anyone had a clue or knew what the purpose of these is?
Thanks and have a great day!!!:smiley:

Wow, that would be a nice find.

Can you post some pics? Would love to see what you’re looking at.


Hey MarineOne, thanks for the reply :). I have done some more reading and I think I found what I have! It looks like the manifold with the check valve was made by Prime and the bugles are Leslie Supertyfons! I have everything taken apart and working on machining the seats and stripping about 4 layers of paint! I do have some before pictures I will try to attach!:confused:


Just keep an eye on the stripper you’re using so it won’t damage anything.

You may want to also use a self adhesive primer to help the paint stick once you’re ready to add some color.