Leslie SuperTyfon RS3K or Nathan Airchime K3HA?

I am choosing between 2 horns. I like the loudness and sound better from the RS3K, but the K3HA looks like it is a bit smaller, which would be good. I am also looking at the P3. Which one should I get?

Well, the K3 is definetly the loudest of the 3. The RS3 is the best and smoothest sounding to me…

The P3 is a strange point. It sounds good, but not awesome, old cast and new cast sound different…and isn’t as loud as the other 2, but still has plenty authority.

Just depends on your goal I would say…scare wise, K3. Great sounding horn, and something not everyone has, the RS3.

I’ve always heard that all Leslie 3-5 chimes are louder than the K series horns.

To the OP, I’d go with the S3K. Unless you can find an older or a brand new K3, it will sound like crap, especially if it is a newer (not brand new) or was made in the mid 2000s. Most of these horns had bad cast #2 bells making it play the wrong note. I’m biased though as I’m a big Leslie fan and am tired of hearing K horns constantly lol If you buy used, make sure it’s in working condition as Leslies are not the most user friendly, especially to a new collector. I can get you in contact with someone who would sell you whatever horn you need at a fair price. Just PM me if you need anything.

Thank you. I have made my choice and I will be buying an S3K.

do u think a k3 would sound better with bells
1 2 and 5 ?