Leslie supertyfon RS3L Train Horn Advice

So, I’m goofin’ around on flea-bay and I ended up buying a set of Leslie supertyfon RS3L Train Horns; Bells 25, 44, 31.

Not well planned out, so hopefully you can educate me…

How much air does a horn like this take to be effective?

What is a good pressure?

What’s the rough dimensions?

damn nice choice there bro take a look this a k3 and a rs3l

I sold that RS3L a couple of weeks ago. I miss it already but it was worth the K5HL.:smiley: It makes me happy to see her again.:slight_smile: And yes, quite the differance in size. I love the tone of the RS3L also.
To answer some of his questions, I had a ten gallon tank and it was ok for me. If I were to keep the rs3l, I would have added another 5 gallons to it. It will run from 50-150psi. The dimensions I really did not ever measure it. But as you can see from the picture Fexplorer posted it is quite larger than a K3.

Here is a clip using almost all of the ten gallons of air. Maybe could have honked for another 5 seconds.


Leslie recommends you not go over 140 PSI with their horns (says it on the website). Like Izzy said, you will need quite a bit of air to honk it. I’m not sure you’ll really find a spot to mount that under a truck (sorry to sound like a downer) but you may be able to, I’ve never seen underneath a Ford. 27" long, 23" wide, and 9 1/2" tall is what I measured mine at (measuring by myself and just kinda eyeballing… wouldn’t be more than a half inch off on any of em).

Thanks for all of the good information and opinions. Sounds like it will be a good project, starting off with finding a home on the truck for them.:rolleyes:

Worst case, I may end up relocating the spare tire. I really like the video with the horns mounted on the tool box, but I typically like the stealth mode, so under the truck they “may” go.

A little research confirmed they are air hogs using ~49 scfm @ 100#.:eek:

Good news is that they are rated for a range of 3-3 1/2 miles @ 100#.:smiley:

Thanks again for the responses.

You bet. And HondaGuy is correct. Don’t exceed over 140psi. And ENJOY them. You will have a blast with them. Post some pictures if you can when you get them:D

I was looking at HB’s 12 gallon tank last night, based on the feedback on volume needs. Do you think 12 gallons would cover the average horn use?

What compressor would you use for that volume? I’m mainly concerned with longevity.

Hondaguy - you need to upgrade your surroundings and get a Ford :smiley: :smiley: - Just Kidding. Thanks for the measurements. Now I can start looking for a big enough area.

Well most guys with Super Duty’s loose the spare tire. Believe me the size is not small on them. You might have to fire two straight and one reversed or visa versa. This is a Leslie RS5T on a Super Duty

I bet that’s very visible from the rear lol


damn that looks nice… yes i think a 12 gallon will do fine with dual 480c :slight_smile:

Off topic 08fordsd350, but what does the “LBX” in your signature mean?

LBX = long box

Finally got my new babies:

I’m pretty jacked about the condition of the horns as they have been cleaned up very well and repainted. Looking down the horns, the diaphragms (???) look shiney new. All this makes me feel the $280 (including shipping) was a pretty good deal.
:confused:What do you think ???

I gave them a blow with my portable compressor (120#) using my blow gun (~1/8" opening) and only the longest horn blew. If I blocked it off I would get minor air flow / hissing noise from the other two horns.
:confused:Is it reasonable to assume this was due to lack of air volume / flow ???

Most likely they will have to be mounted where my spare tire currently lives. Give me your opinions:

facing forward - facing backwards - don’t really matter

Sorry for the big pics, couldn’t remember how to make them smaller.

Hissing sound could be due to low amount of air flow. I’d try it a different way and see. If it doesn’t work with a good amount of air, check the power chambers really good for dirt inside or maybe loose diffuser rings. Make sure it has the rubber donut gasket between the bell neck and the power chamber. If you got any more questions, just ask… been there on the Leslie horns lol


What’s your opinion on running my tank(s) at 200# and regulating it to 140# ?

I’m thinking of a 215 scfm regulator. Looks like the flow would still be around 200 scfm at 50#, if I’m reading the chart correctly.

Any flow concerns with this type of setup / restriction?