Leslie Tyfon 125

Hey… new here and it’s my first post but I’ve been looking into horns for a little while and a bit overwhelming with all the info on different ones. So I’m thinking about starting with the Tyfon. I don’t necessarily want something too loud. Just more character in the sound is important. In fact, the ruptured duck sound in this video is actually nice :). I race sailboats and am thinking more of using this for the starting sequence instead of the usual marine canister air horns we usually use.

So question here is what’s a good price and what do I look for?? Seems some have markings and labels and some don’t. I’ve seen them on ebay from $600 to $200. And is ebay a good place to buy these?

Thanks and appreciate any help!!
Dave K from Austin, TX

opps… forgot to post youtube vid reference


The best place to buy anything Leslie related is over at Horn&Whistle forum. Lots of leslie collectors over there and its a very close nit community, so just repost this and someone will know who has what you want.

Thanks! I’ll do that!

Welcome to the forum. When it comes to getting details about horns, the guys at hornwhistleboard will know.