leslie tyfon 200 R

HELP! just got a leslie tyfon 200 R, what is the diaphragm supposed to
look like? how much air (cfm) is needed and how old is this monster?
looks to be solid bronze/brass??

Are you sure it’s not an A-200?
Take some photos and head on over to the horn and whistle board. There’s a lot of owners/collectors for old Leslies there. They’ll give you all the info on your horn.

I will try…, it says Leslie Tyfon at the top of the round chamber
and 200 R at the bottom… below that it says Leslie co. Lyndhurst N.J… very large, say 25" long, weighs maybe 40 lbs? seems to be
I can’t seem to compress the photo enough to attach it to this link…

I agree with DBO, post a pic on the horn whistle board. I think they use a lot of CFM and those guys will know for sure.