License/number plate flipper??????.........

Guys, Anyone had any experiences with these being sold on HB’s?
How the work???

Rigo tells me they have an actuator which flips down the plate?

Does the actuator flip back on a spring?

They could possibly quite useful over here!:wink:

Would appreciate any feedback,


Here I was thinkin… “Wow, that’d be mighty illegal” and then reflected on the fact that I have a Diesel Locomotive Horn strapped to the front of my car - HAHAHA!

Oh boy… what a classic! Will have to get new James Bond business cards printed up to go with these. Bring on the hood mounted machine guns I say.

Hmmmmm I think the machine guns is a bit over the top, But a passenger ejector seat or rear facing Oil squirter’s would be cool!

Over here we have Bus lane cameras & sometimes if you have a car turning right it blocks the road, so the quickest thing to do would be to nip into the bus lane to go round the offending car, however, this then leaves you with a £60 fine landing on your doorstep, or even if you stray two wheels over the white line you get fined!
Heres a pic of me in my old scooby “nipping in the Bus lane” lol Cost me £60:(

Well thats the stupidest thing ive ever seen, a fine for using an un-occupied lane?!?!

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They’re cool for running red lights. Hahaha.

Here’s a video of how they work. They literally flip the plate 90 degrees down.

Yeah, flip the plate while approaching a camera monitored intersection when the light turns yellow and you can’t stop in time…lol

SWEET! :smiley: I would do sooooo much Trolling with that!