lie lie lie

met a guy yesterday and we are shootin the poop about atvs and mx when I ask him about maybe putting a loud horn on his truck he says “ive got a union pacific horn and it came right off the train” I said “no poop huh can i see it” The guy replies “yeah there under my truck and i even had them chromed when i got them” I then thought to myself bul!sh!t. so i crawl under this guys truck and NOT to my surprise find triple chrome trainhorns that he prolly got from a local truckstop. so trying to keep my composure and not laugh I crawl back out and say “NICE!! those are sweet where can i get one?” this motherfu#ker says “ebay just search nathan airchime” so now im kinda pissed this huys just keeps lying and i keep looking at my jeep thinking how can i scare this guys shitless. now i dont even like him. Im not sure that any of this 30 min conversation has any validity at all and on top of that he just called his horn a k3la!!! I say to the mfer “my horn honking sucks just a stock one that is going bad but you gotta look at my new exhaust” haha im feeling good now. so hes like cool ill take a look and as he walks over and ducks down to take a look i open the door and yank the valve hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonk for a good 5 seconds. This guy is pissed hes saying “wtf was that man, a boat horn” I said “nah its nathan airchime k3ha” boooyah b!tch

haha owned!

LMFAO…that’s classic!! I can’t wait to blast some retard like that. “Hey can you check to see if my spare tire is still under the bed…HOOOONK!!” LOL oh good times.

LOL what a tool.

D@mn nice story lOLLLOOLOL

hahahah thats funny

Nice one man. Always fun to shut the crap talkers up. I wish there were some folks around here with wannabe train horns so I can show em whats up lol.


^ wrong he said he got it from a guy that worked for u.p. and it came off a train. My first horn was from jason at a.h.o.t. and it was a united pacific. he was a BIG LIAR that got pure ownage bestode upon him by me

oh ok