List your current project

can be a car-truck-bike-classics-horns-whatever

ill start

im restoring my 1968 pontiac firebird
factory air power steering 350 sb
21122 orignal miles and can take pic to prove
a really old lady owned it and went phsyco and enclosed it in her garage and had the door blocked shut,got it for 300 bucks couple yrs ago

i also have a 1976 chevy el camino
it has a 427 chevy bb
its after the firebird

2004 chevy avalanche
2007 gsxr

98 honda accord. in the planning processes of making a new subwoofer enclosure just for kicks. as well as deciding if I want to sell the accord and either get a mini truck that I can learn to bag/lay frame and do a blow-through on, OR get a 240 silvia or is300 and start to get into drifting. Either way the car/truck will be low as Fu*k.

nice thread!!
Well this is my on going project bought in new in '99. Decided about 3 yrs ago to tear it down and totally re do it …

01 ls1 w/ 4l60e
92 vette irs
Bags in the front
Hydro/pnuematics in the rear
all re-7 slam bags
4 3/8 smc vavles
4 1/ smc vavles

Here’s a pic of it at one of the last car shows before i tore it down …

here’s a few of the build up pics…

Videos of the suspension moving

and here’s what we got to date…

sorry for whoring it up… LOL

nice ride acro. wasn’t that truck up for vote for ToT on FTS? :smiley:

yeah this month but lost … LOL oh wells… and thanks!

[b]pretty much have my truck project is to fix the split corner seam on my 340 gallon aquarium. have the weld on and clamps just need to get to it.been down a yr so far.

presently building a Seagull 540 60 Edge R/C airplane it has a 68.2" wingspan with 6 servos.engine to power it is a O.S. 120AX 2 stroke engine flight controled by a futuba 7 channel spread spectrum radio. man does Tower Hobbies love me. so far have about 12 hrs of assembly done.:D[/b]

nice truck acro… very nice…im thinkin bout sellin all my projects tho… :frowning:

rigo that tuck is badass


Very nice and clean too!

Building another bike…

Modding another another Kei Truck…

And restoring my RAIV Trans Am…

One day she’ll be back to her old self :o

i towed one of those little trucks on the trailer for the macdill afb a while ago…there slow as poop,but cool as poo

i rode in one at the coast guard air station!! so tight!


You must’ve had one of those governed duds :o

it was the one for the base,the top speed was 36mph,wasnt able to be tagged.

that poop is serious

by chance are u on

I’m EVERYWHERE :smiley:

haha he sure is!

well i have’nt seen u on there in a long time,was wondering why u left,i thought u were on there…i think ur not allowed i pit road but ill fix u up and give u a blue name staus;)