little blue truck

thought id share my never ending project with everyone ordered a nathan k3ha yesterday so stay tuned for updates have been running a conductors special for awhile now and decided its just not loud enough anymore :smiley:

thats a nice ride here!!! btw good choice with the k3!!!

pics 2 and 3 look different… the front wheel arch is different

nice ride tho :slight_smile: air ride ?

yeah bagged and bodydropped

how much of a body drop?

Nice man I like it

the setup is 4 link rear end with slam specalties 6’s and in the front im using 5’s with modified stock control arms the truck has a traditional 5" body drop lays pinch welds it has a 5 gallon tank with the new air zenith ob2 “black” compressor at 200psi also 1/2" parker valves

I have seen that truck around, nice ride.

How Are you liking the OB2?

it seems to be alright got it for free cause my ob1 was a GIANT piece of crap… i think its a little faster and have been running the crap out of it so id say they finally have all these bugs worked out 2 years later :rolleyes: but for the price tag if i had to do it again viair ftw or engine driven

so got this today and put it on and… i like it sounds good videos due these things absolutly no justice we live in a boring town so i usually go hang out at the train station everynight and after having the shockers and hearing the real train everynight it was only right to get the one i hear everynight on csx’s

awesome gotta love the k3!!!

so got my new 1/2" valve from Horn Blasters today gotta say i like it lot cheaper than my parkers lol : ) now the horn is loud… 3/8" to 1/2" was quite the step up

Yep its amazing the sound difference from a smaller size tube to a 1/2inch tube on these horns. If ya get a manual lever type train horn valve u can slowly change the pitch of the horn also if ya have the room to mount a lever valve any were lol .

yeah i know about them just dont have any room for it i wish someone would come up with some kind of multiple resistance valve to be able to open a valve little by little with a 12v manual valve

Mate I’m working on that one over here in England…

We have 12v Central heating systems, which means 12v diverter valves…

I’m an Electrical contractor (posh name for a Electrician) and recently wired up a under floor heating wet system manifold… this woz 12v, but the valve opens quite slowly, so am looking at ways to modify it… I’ll let everyone know if manage to sort something!!! I could make millions!!! lol:D

cool cool yeah im a electrican over here in the states i might beat you to it : ) well see but it just bothers me no one has thought of it its quite easy and extremely air saving… i guess you could say? lol

Mr Trafficjamz, Kinda wanna pick your brains a little…

After seeing your truck, I’m now thinking along the same lines… I want something JAP (nissan, honda, Toyota), Crew cabbed & something I can slam to the floor!.. any ideas or pics would be appreciated!:smiley:

i dont think that a 12v manual vavle is tooo hard to come up with…can anyone get a servo that are used for RC planes and modify it to a regular ball vavle???i dont think i can do it…put some electrician may know how

I’ve tried it even tho I new it was going to be a major Fail… The RC servo just is not strong enough!