Little problem

Hey guys I have the conductor setup the 4 horns and its been working great but recently ive noticd its a high pitched sound and seems like the biggest horn isnt sounding but every now and again it will sound and then stop again I even tried a water trap on the airline side of the tank and it still did it sometimes and the condensation buildup is impossible to get rid of im thinking its just the rusty water from the tank clogging the one horn,how can i clean them out? i was told i can run water through the trouble horn because its all stainless steel internals but in not sure if thats safe,what would be the best way of cleaning the horn without having to take it apart? I was also thinking about taking the deep trouble horn and hooking it straight up to the valve by itself and see if i can get it to act right,any suggestions guys? alright thanks alot!!

i just bug hornblasters to send you a new one or do a full rebuild
it’s not hard just dont mess with the tunning and you will be ok

try swapping lines with a def horn maybe the line or 5way has a block (ptfe tape gets stuck in lines some times)

i have put water down the horn with air lines off to flush them out before it worked.
but i still say flush your tank out. if it’s that bad get a new tank that wont rust. the rust is more likely to make your valve stick open it’s bad and is a sign the tank will fail i have seen a 5gal tank pop it’s not good at 200psi not much of his trunk was left
so i say change your tank add water trap to leader hose on compressor i have a 1/8 valve on my trap that opens for 5 sec
when i start my truck aka auto drain

put drain plugs on ur tank…best way to drain ur tank out…

s4joe, just read your reply.can you tell me bout the valve drain you have.I’ve heard of this set-up but need pics,part #'s costs etc.can you help me out with that?

ya i will type up a how to when i get off work tonight
but it cost a lot to set up lots of small parts
not really need for one pump systems
i have 4 pumps so water is a nightmare
i built a cooling coil for each pump
(1/4" soft copper 3feet long in a coil after leader hose with a small 80mm fan on it thats on with the pumps)
then a water trap just before the tank
this way i get about 90-95% of the water
out of the air before it hits my tanks
i will buy a damn cam on my way home from work
this is the idea for the most part

and sry i made it in paint

lots more info when i get back from work

thanks s4joe!:smiley:

just call me joe. just not your avg joe
i have pic’s of my ranger under my profile
no tank pic’s sry

those water filters going from the tank to your horns just slow down airflow just make it a habbit to drain your tank

my water traps are on the compressor side not the horn
and i drain my tank about once a month i get about 1/8 a cup of water(8 or 10 with out traps) but i live in socal avg 6-15% humidity
but when it rains it’s like flash flood cant see your hand in front of you rain. i use the compressors a ton i drive about 100-300 miles a day and like to drag a lot so it’s a up-down world for me.i just talk to this guy to see if i can get his ride off him|65%3A1|240%3A1318&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245
he sad he take 1,800 for it what you all think ?

Do you think hornblasters would send me another horn for free? I would gladly send them the other one back,it sucks draining the tank so often but i guess ill have to start doing it more often,ill check the 5 way too so does the water trap after compressor before the tank actually help out? im going to try the small cheap ones from harbor freights and see if that helps

ur HB horns should have a life time warranty on them i believe

Yes they do, No questions asked replacement.

Ok so do I have to disconnect the horn and send it to them or should they just send me one?

Call them…