Load level x air horn setup

Hey I am new to the forum and hope I am posting in the right place. I am wanting to get a train horn set up. Just something simple and budgeted. I have a load leveling bags from Firestone, the ride rite set, but I don’t have the load command with the compressor and gauge. So my question is can I get a train horn setup with the tank, compressor, horns, and hookups and use the tank on the train horn kit to run a line to my bags and add a gauge inside the cab. This way I’m running the train horns and the air bags off one compressor and one air tank. Is this possible and how would I go about hooking it up this way?
Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!

You’ll run the red air line from the tank to a manifold for the set of air bag switches, or use AirLift’s Wireless AIR system. The manifold connects to an electric valve, which the manifold thinks is the compressor. Has presets for loaded and unloaded and works great, but is a bit spendy.


Thanks! Anybody else have any good ways of hooking up the two together? Looking for the cheapest way possible of course ???