Locomotive horn types

Anybody here interested in the history of horns as used on locomotives?

Our book on the history of train horns will be published in 2015.

In it will be the entire history/biographies on my two favorite friends, Robert Eugene Swanson and John Leslie. If anyone is interested, I will keep you updated on the release of our publication.

KJ Rivas

Heck yes. Will it be a “normal” size book or are you planning on a nice huge glossy coffee table size monster? I want a big book. :smiley:

Hmmmmm yes, I’d like a copy to sit on the coffee table in the morning room next to the drinks cabinet opposite the shezlong :D:D

Will be large size plus appendix with DVD

Slightly off topic, but is just saw in your siggy that you owned a Thomas the Tank Train horn? Is it as loud as a K5?:confused:

It is every bit as loud as a K5, as long as you blow into it hard enuff…:wink:

At present, I only have four K5’s and two MK5’s, as far as the K series goes.

LOL… you’ll be getting in trouble with the Fat Controller over that.:wink: