London Hornblasting...First attempt...

Ok so me and my mate went for a horn blast the other day.

We done loads of people… Drove into a posh foyer of a big hotel and blasted…

When we got home We played back the footage, only to find we had spent most of the time filming my mates lap and the floor of the car…lol lol… (a lesson in videoing is required!!)

Also another lesson to be learnt is to slow down whilst driving and blasting!!!:confused:

Anyway… will try harder next time, this was our first attempt and needs improving but we’ll get there!

This vid was put together by my master mixer mate Milster!

OK this should work… It needs work I know, but ya gotta start somewhere, all the best scares we missed…:(:frowning:

video removed?

Huh? Ok will check it out when i get home. Cheers! (I think my mate may have pulled it off coz my number plate woz visible in one of the shots, i’m only guessing tho!)

Link fixed now… but not the original…

what kind of horns are those?? they sound too high pitch to be shockers…

those sounds like siege hammer3s

Sounds very close to my Psycos.

My horns are made by Siege.


Yeah…nice one farmer, they are Siege Hammer horns…

Very nice but I think one more horn with a deeper pitch and in tune with those would sound great!

Yeah cheers… I totally agree! Am looking around at moment, hoping, possibly to get a replacement tank & comp off Maroon platoon
Shortly, and will upgrade on horns after that. (Fingers crossed) yea!!

Maroon platoon?

Yeah mate… He’s another HB member on here. Just trying to sort out postage costs to the uk.