Looking Back...

I know I’m going straight to hell.

Years ago, when my first horn was installed - I left the shop after shooting a tech article for Mini Truckin’ Magazine on the install and as I approached the freeway onramp, I saw a homeless man with a sign. I have no idea what the sign read because as soon as I got near him, I let him have it. The sign went flying and so did he - right into the iceplant ground cover which seemed to swallow him up because my first victim disappeared completely from view. I wonder if he’s okay? I wonder if he stopped drinking or doing drugs that day. I imagine if he “came to Jesus” then I’m in the clear… Otherwise, I may be spiritually screwed.

LMAO! that’s awesome!

Tks bro… there are MANY stories… that was just the first one ever.

Here’s another:

When my daughter was 15 years old (she’s 19 now) I went to pick her up from her boyfriend’s house. Now I wasn’t real keen on her seeing anyone at 15, but at least the kid was smart and had his shit straight enough.

One day, while picking her up - I stopped at the corner diagonally from his house and saw that they were outside his garage talking. I made sure to rev the engine to get their attention and hopped out to mess with my truck. I grabbed the bumper and started yanking on the truck just enough to unsettle the suspension. I made a big show of it for about a minute, then got back in the truck and revved the engine again, hopped out and repeated the process.

When I pulled up to his house to pick up my daughter - I told her to go back in and get her things which would give me enough time to violate her boyfriends ears. As soon as she went inside, I busied myself with the dash of the truck and then hopped out to yank on the rear bumper again. Knowing he was all about custom trucks, he asked what I was doing and I said “Dood, I have a nasty rattle coming from back here and its driving me CRAZY!”. He then said, “Only when you rev the engine, right? -Why don’t you get back in and I’ll listen for the rattle?”

I did… then I hit the horns…

He sliced his head open on the bumper mount on the driver side and damn near fell on his ass from losing his equilibrium…

He & I got along great from that moment on…

LMAO! WOW! now that’s even better!!

haha oh god that is funny. Both stories are awesome man.:smiley:

Awesome those are good, I got one that comes close to that, Downtown denver about 12:30 when all the bars start to let out, I see about 25 people
standing in a group, half of them were gangster thugs, and the other half were some good lookin girls, it was obvious they were all trying to hook up, when I got right beside them, the button was pressed, and holy shit, all the thugs looking tough jumped about 3 feet in the air and none of the girls jumped, I laughed so hard at those “THUGS” i thought they were tough, guess not!

Lmao! Hahaha awesome