looking for a 200 psi safety valve!!!!!!!

i am looking for a 200 psi safety valve let me know thanks!!! greetings for scaredu!

airlift valves, or smc valves

he said saftey valve not solenoid valve…

Call horn blasters they have them i had to order one for my set up

i found it thanks!

Just in case anyone gets to reading this.

We have 175 and 235 PSI safety valves. You can find them under our replacement parts section or at this link: http://www.hornblasters.com/products/category.php?class=20. The valves are ASME coded and are pre-teflon coated (despite the pictures being inaccurate).

bout time you added them :wink: i had to call to order mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish I knew you guys had these. Never saw them before.

I’ve been looking around for a safety valve for some time now for my compressor at home and finally bought one off eBay a few days ago instead.

Next time, I guess.

FYI, all VIAIR safety valves are ASME coded, and run Viton seals.
Pressures are available in the following pressures:

145 PSI
155 PSI
175 PSI
205 PSI
250 PSI

ours is 200 psi