Looking for a 5 way air splitter

I’ve got the regular ABS Shocker S4 kit on my truck. I recently hit a racoon and cracked the end of one of them and had hornblasters send me a new one. Now that I’ve got it, I’m kinda tempted to fix my cracked one,hook it up and run 5 horns instead of just the 4. The only problem is, I need an airline splitter that will let me use 5 horns. Anybody know a place where I can get one?

just make one go to home depot and buy some pipe fittings and build it i drew u a simple drawing of how to do it it says 1/4" but the fittings that come with the horn i think are smaller i’m not sure

^ what he said!

I don’t know how precise it has to be, but don’t the horns need to be equidistant from the air coming into the splitter? The one in the center would get way more air than the ones on the outsides.

it wont, as long as you have bigger or equal hose size to the horns and valve, the back pressure on the horns will even it out. i have a splitter like that for my 5 horn setup with no problems

Well I’m not quite sure what ya mean. I’ve got half inch line to the valve and 5/16" from the valve to the splitter and from the splitter to the horns.

mins the same way i have 1/2 in line and half inch valve then drops to what ever came with the 4 horn kit ans i have a 8 way splitter made i made for mine using the 2 splitters that came with them and some t’s

all you would need is a 3 way quick disconnet but instead of the connectors just use 2 of them for airlines and on the other put a three way plug and there you…cheapest way to do it.

I know northern tool and equipment has 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 way splitters and they are all under $25 go to www.northerntool.com and search for them and if its any help the item number is 159133-1901