Looking for a certain sound' horn...

Once i’ve heard the sound in Hornblaster’s Vol.6, the beginning, with the cat, i knew i had to get one. What exact horn/whistle did they use? It was really high pitched and scared the cat badly lol. Please LMK!:):):slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, would i be able to fit “The Best” train horn setup from hornblaster’s.com under my glovebox side?? Here’s a pic of what i’m talking about…

Or should i just sell my “sounds” from my trunk area and put the train horn stuff there? i kinda’ want to keep my sounds & have a train horn in my car at the same time!

You want a locomotive horn inside your car?

Curt’s right? Inside? Even the Beast??? Oowwww!
Better go in the trunk. Find a spot under the car. You certinly don’t want it in the car, let alone right next to your ear. Unless you plan on going deaf. Then that’s a different story.

Hopefully you’re talking about putting the horns outside and you’re asking about room for the air tank and compressor…

EDIT: BTW I’m pretty sure that the horn / sound you’re refering to is the PhsychoBlasters. They are currently out of stock at Hornblasters.

I have a spare tire under my car which i can put the horns there lol. So the best way is to just take my sounds out & put the tank in the back?

Spare tire is a great location.

Put tank in back and horns where spare tire goes under car or even behind grill if you got room. What kind of car is that?

Mini Cooper lol. I was hoping i could put the tank & compressor where the front seat used to be. This way i can have some bass for my music & a really loud horn. But idc, i’d rather have the train horn than a subwoofer lol.

Yup. I’ve just seen this picture…

I didn’t realize the compressor+tank was that big so i will have to put it in the trunk area. What will be better/louder, the horns under the car or in the front of the car behind the bumper?

To be honest any where u put them will be loud. I have mine under the hood and they are very loud.

Do you recommend “The Best” setup over the cheaper one on hornblasters.com?? Want the best bang for the buck!

EDIT: Thinking about saving up for this one…

Is this the same as the one on hornblasters.com or is it a cheap knock-off?

I just realized in that 1st picture that your passenger seat is out.
It’s not something I would do, but the tank & compressor would fit there.
No passengers & it would stick out like a sore thumb - but it would easily fit.

The Hornblasters K5LA is brand new and comes with the manifold.
The horns you posted from Ebay are used/restored/powder coated and come with individual mounting brackets. Same horns. Good luck fitting them on a Mini…Lol

The air kit depends on which horn you choose.

lol. I think i’m just going to get “The Best” setup. The Shocker XLs sound pretty similar to real train horns.