Looking for a certian tank

Hey all. Im looking for a tank that will fit under my tool box. I would like to keep it under 8" tall. It can go up to 50 or so inch wide and up to 18 inch front and back.

Also, which fits more air, a rounded on either side tank or a flat rectangle looking tank. The max psi is 150


Specialty Suspension makes a nice aluminum tank that fits your specs. It’s available in 3 sizes with the same diameter and different lengths.

Ok thank you. I checked out their site and its down for upgrades. I’ll keep checking up on it to see if it’s up

Does anyone else know anymore places?


A box shaped tank would hold more air, but no one will build one for you because they are dangerous and will fail. The reason is because square corners can’t hold pressure like rounded ends, and flat plate side walls will bulge under pressure unless ridiculously reinforced.

I use the SS tanks because they have a diameter of about 6 1/4 inch, plus whatever is needed for the drain fitting and support feet/brackets. Should fit into 8 inches easily. However they are expensive $$$. There’s 3 sizes - 3 gallon which is 18 inches long, 4 gallon which is 24 inches, and 5 gallon which is 28 inches. If you were to use those in that space, you could connect a 24 and an 18 end-to-end and then stack them 2 deep for a total of 14 gallons. But they are more than $100 each.

This site sells some skinny tanks, although the feet brackets might make them too tall: http://www.theslamstore.com/category_s/4.htm They have the SS tanks and some regular steel ones as well for a better price. One thing to note is that the SS tanks don’t appear to be ASME coded - there’s no stampings on them at all.

Wow, that’s a ton of space to have -under- a tool box.

Have you given any thought to how you will protect the tanks from theft or vandalism – or is it a non-issue where you are? I’m asking because placing hundreds of dollars in tanks in a visible, easily accessible location is a recipe for loss and anger when in more populated areas – where bored kids become vandals quickly … and where your gear can more readily be fenced. You must also consider what some people might do as a reaction to you blasting train horns at them … or worse, the police having a looksee and citing you.