Looking for a train horn

I was looking for a train horn to put on my jacked up Dodge 2500. Don’t need one to expensive, if anyone has one shoot me a pm


Whats you price range…
Do you just need the horn? DO u have the compressors and air tank already?

No, i just started looking I don’t have anything. I was looking for a pretty loud one for around 200 or even a little more. any suggestions?


Check here… I know most of them arent in your $200 price range but save up alittle more and get one of the S4 Shocker horn kits they are about the best you can get and definitely worth every penny until you get into the “Real” train horn kits.

same up some more money, and buy the right kit the first time…
dont go buying a kit just cuz its 200 dollars, cuz it will be poop…
buy from hornblasters.com

i am looking for a 200 psi safety valve let me know pls thank you! greetings for scaredu

You could always buy that Old Cast Nathan P3 from me, pretty good maintenance on these,and they dont take much air to function correctly…60 psi+ will make all 3 bells functions.