Looking for air tank

Upgrading your system and want to get rid of that old small tank for cheap? I am looking for ONE small 2-3 gallon tank in good condition for a 150 psi system. Two small 2-3 gallon tanks might be alright. Needs to at least have drain fitting. Aluminum is preferred but not required. I am near DFW, Texas 76087. Offer it up cheap and I’ll take it off your hands so you can have a few extra dollars for the upgrade.

I have an extra compressor if you might want to talk about trading. It is a Viair 275c, new and never used. Maybe if you have two tanks we can swap them for the compressor.

Part #: 27520
Voltage: 12 volt
Max Amp: 20 Amps
Max Pressure: 150 PSI
Max Duty Cycle: 25%
Flow Rate @ 0 Psi: 2.03 CFM

Got a new tank for a great price. So no longer looking for a tank.