Looking for Nathan Airchime P3 or K3

Looking for P3 or K3 any type, mostly just wanting the 3 horns instead of 5. I love the 5 horns but no good places to mount and so gosh darn big. Watching Ebay and Craigslist and no luck yet, please hit me up if you have either for sale. Thanks!

What’s your budget??

Why not give HornBlasters a quick cheeky call and see what they can do, you never know?



No budget, just wanting 3 chimes because easier to install on my truck then 5 chimes. I’ve watched there page, ebay and Craigslist. Most are I think way over priced for a 3 chime, $700+ no thanks. I can see $300-500 depending on quality, but I’m completely new to train horns. One guy on here wants $600 for a P5 and there in decent shape, I think that’s a far price but he’s only posted 10 times on here like me so people told me not to deal with him.

You should be able to find a decent P3 for around 3-$400

Hey man, I found some k5s for sale in your budget let me know if you’re interested,


Will you ship to the UK?:confused:

Let me ask the guy who had them for sale! I’ll get back to you,


Cool beans :smiley: thanks.