Looking for some k3s

Hey guys,

I’m looking to get some Nathan k3, I am not concerned with which type of mount they are, just looking for something more affordable than new ones, this is for a little project I got going on around the shop, :smiley:

Looking to get them soon, so I hope someone’s got a set they’ll let go,


I am actually going to selling my K3HA, however I wanted to media blast them before I list them for sale…was hoping I could get that done tomorrow but not sure ill be able to.

I’ll take them however they are, I’ll save you some trouble, pm me!


Cant send you a pm but the current paint is coming off and it looks bad so that why I wanted to blast it off first. Unless you want to do it haha

I don’t mind having to take off the paint, I’m going to have to prep and paint anyways,

Let me know what you where thinking about getting for them,


I can do 450 shipped to your door.

Ok sounds perfect, I’ll take them. I’m going to send you an email now to exchange our info.

Could you send me a picture just too see them I’m excited!!!


You’ll take PayPal?

Yah I can send you a picture. Yes, ill take paypal.

Email me a photo at cidsautomotive@gmail.com and the email address to send payment too,



Payment sent, or should I say payments…


Thanks man