Looking for....

Im looking for a kit that has a little bass to it. So far the ones i have heard have more of a squeel,


Welcome to the forum. What’s your budget?


No more than 500. A guy at work has a set and they are loud but the sound like garbage because they are just high pitched. I would like a 4 horn setup. I may buy piece by piece and spend a little more. Ideally I’d like to stay under 400

I kinda like the Katrina

Your guy at work obviously has something else. Shockers have four horns - heaps of low end grunt. They are really the best budget option if you’re looking for a huge train hon like sound without opting for the real deal.

Winner winner

That thing is pretty darn loud.looks like I’ll be buying. I wish they were mounted together.

If you want them together and like the low grunt sound, check out a set of K5’s.

Keep in mind they’re big, roughly 30 inches by 36 inches by 10 inches. I’ve a set I’m going to powder coat after making them a K5LL/K5LLA for an even deeper tone.


I like the K5s a lot. Being that I work for the railroad I almost got a true set but I missed out.

Yeah, the Shockers are the next best thing to a real trainhorn. Much lower pitched than some of the cheaper horns.

I was trying to get a bell that way since MotivePower is here in the Boise area and they were parting out a locomotive for scrap. Ended up getting it from e-Bay and I’m just waiting to install it.