Looking to buy a set of Nathan Airchimes

Hello like the title says Im looking to buy a set of k3las or K5LAs or anything these that you guys have for sale budgets around 600 max i already have a air set up just looking for the horns thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

You could likely get a set of K3 horns for $600, but not K5s. Have you tried Ebay?

yeah I’ve been watching ebay i’ll probably go over my budget to get a nice pair or ill just wait until a good one comes for sale

Welcome aboard:D

Welcome. Keep browsing the internet, you might just run across a rare posting.

thanks i live out side gb Wisconsin where the national railroad museum is i know a guy there he might sell me one for a good price.

I may have a solution (it pays to have made lot’s of contacts hehe:D) PM me if you wanna know what, but museums/rail repair facilities (seen Amtrak selling on ebay) are good places you can try in the U.S…

oh poop i live in green bay, and regularly honk at the railroad museum :slight_smile:


And may I say, what a cool looking place Greenbay is! Right on the Fox river & loads of straight roads, with the railway track running close to the road.
(I had a cheeky peek on Google maps):D;)

Probably not a bad price on these K5 horns: $799 free shipping and the horns look almost new


Stalker! I like to take the back roads so in case i spot a train i can honk lol.

it is a nice place around there i live by some railroad tracks that go under a bridge every to school i go that way the echo sounds very nice

I’ve been checking ebay every day looking for a deal but that one is way to much im looking around 400 to 500 on a set. Ive missed some good deals on some sl3’s and rsl3’s i really like the sound of those

When you get some horns let me know, we can have a horn off :smiley:

I got some kleinns but there no way going to beat your nathan arichime maybe after i upgrade

Good luck with that

Bought my K3HL (#1L, #1 and #3) on eBay for 350$ :slight_smile: but you don’t see them very often for that price
(bought #2 bell seperate to make it a K3H)