looking to have my horn on a switched/relay. help please

Hi i have a kleinn 130 horn and im looking to make the kleinn horn and a regular horn work from my steering wheel. there are 2 horns on the car from the factory so i can just wire in another horn with no problem and theyll both work from the steering wheel but at the same time. i need to figure out how to make them work individually from the steering wheel. any help would be appreciated

Doesn’t Kleinn have a tech support page like Hornblasters?

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I use a relay to switch between the stock horn and my air horn solenoid. Just install a simple on/off switch in your cab (get power for this switch from a keyed power source from your ignition so the relay cannot be left on if you forget to turn off the switch) and run it to a relays coil and the other side to a ground. For the contact side of the relay run your horn wire (from your horn button or cut wire right before your stock horn) and put it on the source contact leg. Run your stock horn to the contact leg of the relay that is at rest when the relay is not powered (the wire you cut). From the last contact leg run it to your air horn solenoid. When you push the horn button the stock horn will ring, with the switch on the air horn will ring. Makes sence to me but I can picture it. Let me know if this helps.

exactly what i did. works perfectly.

To simplify this a bit… you can use a relay like this (this is how my rig is set up).

5- pin bosche style relay,

86-positive from switch to engage train horns
30-Horn switch (on steering wheel)
87a-Stock horn
87-air valve negative.

Then just hook the positive of the valve up to a fused constant 12V.