loudest 4 horn set?

I want the REALEST LOUDEST sounding horns next to actual train horns what set should i go with i have a 07 avalanche

They are awesome… trust me.
You wont be dissapointed

of course the shocker

shocker is the loudest your going to get without going nathan/leslie horns.

As you can see everyone is sayin the shokcer kit. its 4 black horns that are very loud with eitheer running 150 psi or 200 psi, if you want the real deal, then you move on to the K3 and K5’s

If you go 150psi kit, then it will sound more authentic. whereas if you go the 200 rout, it will be louder but higher pitched. Both sound good imo.

The Conductor’s Special 540 or the Conductor’s Special 240 will suit you just fine. Obviously you will have more air to play with in using a 5 gallon tank, giving you the opportunity to run air tools or air bags off of the extra 3 half inch ports on the system.
There is the option of doing a custom upgrade to 200psi if you wish, which will make your system even louder!
Just PM me and I can get you going on a sweet kit.