Lunch time blasting..

Hopefully i’ll be getting in some lunch time blasting today and then! heading to a baseball game tomorrow night so that means big crowd + Horn = FUN!

always fun :cool: bring the camera!

well did u get any lunch time blastin?? man i had a long oven day at work… 4hrs overtime…then go home to do 1hr work out… now check the forums. then to bed…
way to spend a friday nite huh…

nah i didnt get any but i still got the gae tonight

haha i was drivin home and saw a group of kids… blasted the horn and like 2 kids fell to the ground…LOL i was cryin!!

well i ended up going to the ball game… no blasting but a guy hit a foul ball over the stadium so me and a friend went to look for the ball… we founf it but some one already got it :smiley:

we got out there and theres an old guy laughing his oven off saying the ball was intheir back seat

shweeett lol foul ball FTW!

wow! whos responsible for that one…lol