mah new ride...

see it by urself lol…

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i bet a woman did that hahahaha

hahaha I’ve done that before but not as extreme mine was more speed hole oriented.

Hahahaha what the hell?

the guy gives the why are you staring at me look…hmmm maybe its the BIG A$$ HOLE ON THE SIDE OF YOUR CAR…lmfao

in soviet russia car drives you!

that vid is about as old as the internet but is always funny as poop

I was expecting to see some fine new vehicle you bought…


Check out the size of those fender vents! Whooooo whoooooooooooooo!!

i bet it sucks when it rains

hahahaha fo sure

It’s only for decorations. That’s it and that’s all.

Sucks when it rains…

Thats custom. How much did that run you to get those vents put in the side? lol

He just hit Baller status in my book. hahah