Major help, Remote control? setup?

Ok so basically I am asking if anyone has tried to set up a remote control to their train horn, or if they know the best/easiest way of handling this. I figure I will need a keyless remote control entry system (simple) and some way of configuring it. Can anyone help me as to what they did/used?

yup i did it on my set up basicly all you need is a keyless entry system i used one off a hyundai that i got from a car audio store, and a relay all u gotta do is hook up the power to the keyless system and i used the trunk option to power the relay which is tied into my horn switch ( i have a seperate switch for my horn) mine worked out great it will blow for as long as you hold down the button. allthough it has about a 3-4 sec delay before it actually sounds so you have to kinda time your scares with it

ebays sells some remote kits too for about $35

I kind of understand this, but I guess a visual would help. Cause from my understanding it’s a lot of wiring. Is there just a simple way to install? I have a switch for my compressor and one for my horn…

yeah i’ll try to draw you a diagram later tonight its verry simple

Whoa, Whoa, Ebay?

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haha yes sir that is the matt we all know and love. always looking out for his customers. i wish everyone else would realize that before they order their horns from other companies and get screwed over in the end haha.

yeah sorry matt forgot to mention you sell these i bought mine before i knew you sold them… yeah give me little bit i’ll write up a wireing siagram to use for horns and get it posted here tonight

This is a very simple setup, this diagram is based off the Autoloc keyless entry which is what Matt said hornblasters sells.

simply wire the positive and ground from the keyless system as you would in a normal installation.

As for the rest of the wiring this diagram is set up for the keyless system sending a -Negative trigger to the relay (terminal 85 on the relay) and wire a Positive wire to terminals 30 and 86.

(If your keyless entry sends a positive signal like mine does, simply change terminal 86 to a negative ground and your positive trigger wire from the keyless system to terminal 85)

the remaining wire on terminal 87 will splice into your horn button wire. (the part of the wire going from your button to your solenoid valve) It has to be on this side of the button, if its not it will not reach the valve because your button is not being pressed.

Using it this way the horns should blow for as long as you hold the button on the remote down and stop when you release the button.

Thats about all there is to it the rest of the wires are not used for this install. I installed this on my truck to use because I hae when i see people in a parking lot leaning on my truck. =) Have fun with it!

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thanks bro…