Mardi Gras scare

Hey everyone. I had to do a group project for class at UH. its pretty much a youtube video and your grade is based on the hits so we made a train horn prank video. So check it out, rate comment and subscribe if you like and i will make more in the future. post it on your facebook and other forums. thanks

heres the link let me know if it doesn’t work. the video has mardi gras scares in new orleans and various locations around houston and the University of Houston.

Nice video!

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Mardi Gras is about beads & boobs - where are they? LOL


i know man it was my first time going and it was not what i expected. my hotel was on canal street and traffic was so bad it took me almost 2 hours to get from the highway to my hotel. its fun but u gotta plan your stuff out. and we saw no titties at all. my buddy that went down to burbon street only saw one girl show em!

It’s a good video … but no Mardi Gras titties? Dang, that sucks.

I lived 8 miles from Bourbon street for 6 months when we worked down there. I must say I think there is only one weekend we weren’t down there. And do we never left at 2 am like the bars close here. It was a blast and spent alot of money but in 6 months time I could out drink most of my friends when I got back. O yeah lots of boobies also!!! Hand grenades and did I mention boobies?