mattttttttt people are steeling your vids :confused:
vids are all over google i will kill as many as i can find that have your info blacked out :wink:

side note where’s
Terror on the Streets Volume 7 ?

those guys are honkin morons… they cant even spell their own web site correctly

These guys put a train horn on their car and drive around town scaring the crap out of people. Some of the reactions are really funny. train horn scare prank farce funny wow amazing people fun car drive guys girls«

they put enterained…lol

Its from a video site… they really havent stolen it they arent claiming it is them making the video it says “These guys” unlike that other trainhorn site that had this video on their webpage useing it to sell their horns. looking at it it was originally posted on anyway and its one of matts early videos that wasn’t watermarked

poo :stuck_out_tongue: