Maximum Tank Size for Viair 300C?

G’day, guys (and girls)!

I have just received a Viair 400C air compressor and was wondering whether or not it would cope charging my 5gal. air tank to 120psi? I have a 90-120psi pressure switch. So generally, it would only be charging the 5gal. tank from 90 to 120psi. Would the compressor be able to do the first 0-120psi charge in one go? Or would I need to stop midway through and let it cool?

G’day, Viair has a warranty limit of 5 gallons per compressor so you should be fine. The 400C has a fast fill rate so unless you blow your horns a lot its 33% duty cycle should be enough.

Cheers, Dan. I just hooked it up and gave the tank a charge (0-120psi). It took about 3 minutes. I am very happy with the performance of this compressor. It is fairly quiet, too. :smiley:

3 mins to fill 5gal to 120psi. Man, I feel spoiled by my EDC. I imagine folks running Oasis compressors do, too.

Yeah, an Oasis fills 5 gallons to 150 psi in 55 seonds.

Wow! That is incredible. How much does that particular compressor (in 12V variety) cost? Including shipping to Australia?

We have a distributor there:

Jedair Compressors
Attn: Daniel Devine
14 Samson St.
Clermont, QLD 4721
tel. 011-614-2745-3234 (our international number)