Maybe they thought I was a cop?

Here I am rollin 60 mph westbound down the divided highway and see an accident in the eastbound spilling over into the median; it’s a little busy and Everybody’s rubberneckin. Ahead is an intersection crossing the median, four-five cars about to cross the westbound, all lookin over their shoulders at the accident and the cops, then speeding across the westbound. A line of Cars on the right, also looking to cross the westbound, or turn right (in front of me). Here I come, wondering how much attention they’re paying to their driving vs gaping.

Barreling along side me was an old Jeep hiding me from the cops; I am 150 feet from the median crossing, holding Black well in hand, ready to brake or dodge; sure enough another two idiots, never even looking! shot across the intersection right in front of me.


EVERYONE stopped. The traffic in the intersection froze. The Jeep beside me hit the brakes. It was great. and we were Safe! whew!!

I had a head-on accident on that road – some horse’s donkey pulled right out in front of me – so this was revenge. And there will be more revenge, whenever the time is right. :smiley:

HellaCar: HB4H Conductor’s Special, 3 gallon tank

PS: Speaking of beeps, please talk about beeping technique. for example how to sound like a cop or official car. And beeping timing, like when is the precise moment to blast a semi so he stays in his own lane, preferably without p1ssing him off.

good one! could you tell if the cops even looked to see who honked?

lots of car around you + train horns = unlimited fun! haha

Ive honked in front of a cop. He looked flustered bc he didnt know who did it. fun times

i wouldnt dare honk in front of any cop

it was a traffic jam, cars all around. and no one expects an accord to have a train horn on it :smiley:

I thought some heads popped up from the vicinity of the car accident, no blue-hatted ones though. I glanced over only oh so briefly, as part of the “Who The Heck Blew That Loud Horn!” looking-around routine.

The scene was a bit close to town; I never Horn around town, but in that area it could have been a semi. :cool:

I would! The problem is, even if it wasn’t me, they would think it was me because of the size of my truck!