Meet my New Victim...

I mean truck B)

Its a 1998 Chevy Tahoe Ex Fire chief Truck From Irvine CA. ooooh the possibilities of mods to do… It has a newly Rebuilt transmission and only 208,000 miles on the odometer.

thats where the Radios once sat. Thinking of making a cover to have all my switches and pressure gages on. also, the icing on the cake, half of the wiring is done for me when I want to install compressors, switches ect.

You can see where it once said “Fire Authority”

another shot

Nice truck. I just started trying to figure out a good setup on a new Tahoe.

Nice, looks like we both went Tahoe. Mine is a retired NC State Highway Patrol Tahoe. The state does a good job of returning the vehicle to stock, then they sell them off. Picked up my 2010 for cheap, love it.

Spare tire well is always the easiest route, my Tahoe is a generation older than yours but it should be about the same amount of real estate. My youtube link in my sig has a picture of my setup. :slight_smile:

Great Video of your setup.

sweet! I can’t wait to put the K5’s on mine. Just gotta fix a couple things on it first :slight_smile: