Mini Air filter

looked into getting a mini air filter for my new dual400c viair pump/19 gallon tank set up to protect my K3HA from water damage. looked on ebay and found a mini from SASTOOLS for $17.99 plus shipping.ordered friday and arrived from illinois today. getting closer to getting this set up ready to install. pics to follow.:cool:

Do you need factory replacement housings/filters?

They are a WHOLE LOT less expensive than $17.99 - and Hornblasters carries them.


hey lance thanks for the info,except after the fact it’s a little late.besides it’s not even in the stores listing, otherwise I may have ordered it from hornblasters.:eek:

Ouch! Ok, MY BAD! haha, Man oh man, check our new section replacement parts and fittings ! :slight_smile:

hey matt , all it has is check valves and replacement airlines for viair there supposed to be more??:confused:

well, the old man goofed once again ! the mini filter I had installed actually throttled down my total airflow to my K3H which made it comfortably loud.was watching you tube on train horns some dude had a dodge 1500 with the k3 sitting at the tracks honking back at a passing freight train and was everybit as loud.I exclaimed “why is mine not that loud? sure enough this am in the dark @ 6:30am flashlight in hand removed the lines to the regulator/filter and joined them with a 1/2” hose splice .clamped it in place. left for work & charged the system up and gave it a good yank on the handle & " my god " was it loud.much ,much louder.turns out I had 1/4" npt filter/regulator ,which restrcted the air flow. oh duh! :smiley:

haha…thats funny!

shoulda had a V8 :slight_smile: