Missing VIAIR Products? (VIAIR Site)

Why are all viair compressors not on this site? There are a few missing like the 444c and 500c

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Must be a new section of the site I hadn’t seen before…

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This isn’t a sales site per se - its a forum that supports Hornblasters.
I have no idea where you want information posted, or are you talking about Hornblasters.com?

[li]500C & 550C were discontinued more than two years ago.
[/li][li]444C Dual Packs have not yet been released…

refer to the thread title… i’m talking about viaircorp.com and why all the compressors aren’t listed under the products page.

why were the 500s discontinued?

The 500 Series was discontinued because of the new 490 series units which are all sealed (550C was not), as well as have higher duty cycle and pressure ratings. Overall, a better, larger, more capable compressor.

I don’t know if the 444C Dual Packs will be listed on the VIAIR corporate website, since they are presently supposed to be part of a limited time offer.

thanks for clearing that up… does viaircorp.com sell any refurbs?

This section is for the users or buyers to ask questions dealing with Viair Products and or about Viair products. and yes it is a relatively new

I’m sorry - we do not.
There’s too much of a chance of compressors not living long enough when dealing with refurbs. Its hard to offer a warranty on repaired items.

that’s why you usually see a much shorter warrenty on refurbs like 30 days or something? I would love to get a used pair of 480s lol

Since we are talking about Viairs website, heres a heads up Lance. When you go to air source kits and then click on the 20005, it takes you to a page and shows you a picture of the 20003 instead.



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We’ll fix that right up.

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lol I just looked at the 200psi ones and you’ve got the same problems here too

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