Modify Shocker horns to sound like Nathan K-Series

My old Shocker 540 kit has been packed away for some time now. For my new car, I REALLY want to do a K5LA or K3LA install. Sadly, there simply isnt any good place to mount such large horns on my 2013 Charger Super Bee.

So Ive decided to just use the Shockers. They will probably fit however, Ive read some posts here and there about people modifying the Shockers to sound like an Airchime, but no info on how. Ill be honest, I love how loud the Shockers are, but I never really liked the tone of them. They always sounded like a mix of a train/semi horn to me.

Ive also considered the PVC K5 horns on ebay (which sound really nice!) but I already have the Shockers (granted I know Im 1 horn short)

So, does anyone know how to “tune” the Shockers? I already have the measuring equipment, but lack the knowledge of how to actually tune them.

Thanks for any help.

Plenty of room for K horns if you use individual manifolds

If I can Cram A K3 onto a Honda Accord I know you can cram a set onto the charger! Try getting some K Bells HB sells them separately. Or, Buy a whole K3 or K5. You can make your own brackets cheaply by using some engine mounts (Some Drilling and Tapping may be needed) and wala! as for tuning, you would have to cut the bells shorter or longer to change the tone. Hope this helps.

After some further review, it looks like I “may” be able to fit the K5 in there. My car has pretty good space between the grill of the front bumper and the radiator. I may be able to fit 2 or 3 of the smaller K5 horns in there facing forward out the grill (ideal IMO) and the longer horns facing down.

I googled K5LA dimensions but found nothing. Does anyone know the dimensions of each bell individually? It would greatly help in deciding if this is possible or not.

Hopefully I’m not too late to the party. It’s very possible to make Shocker horns sound like a K series. As mentioned, cutting the bells back would do the trick. Cutting the throats to the exact dimensions would be time consuming and annoying, but it’s definitely doable.

If you want a K5LA sound, you’ll want the notes to resemble a Major 6th chord. You’d also have to buy an extra trumpet from Hornblasters.

There’s another post out there that says the shocker frequencies are around 213, 268, 302 and 361hz. Essentially, the frequencies you would want are 311, 370, 415, 494, 622hz or something close to that. So that gives you an idea of where to start. I’m not sure if you’d be able to cut a Shocker bell back far enough to reach as high as 622hz, though the rest are definitely achievable. You could always resort to a lower sound, like a Shocker style K5LLA or K5HL. Or even a K3L or K3LA. I’ve considered retuning a Shocker to sound like a K3L and hook it up.

I have a real K3L, and the dimensions of the 1 bell is 16.25"x7.75." 2 bell is 12.5"x7.5." The 3 bell is about 9.8"x6.8."

My only concern with the PVC horns is you can’t do maintenance on the horn because the chambers cannot be taken apart. The lack of flute shaped funnels will also reduce the decibel levels a bit.

Thanks for the detailed info, but I ended up installing a K5LA. The Shocker horns are sitting in a box…