Momentary Switch - Help!

Currently I have 2 of these mounted.

I use one for the compressor on/off and the other for the horn. The one of the horn is quite the pain the butt to use. I removed the flip part and now its just the actual silver toggle but I still have to manually click it up and down. I want to goto a PUSH button momentary but I need one that has the same larger prongs on the back since I am wired that way. Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction on quickly fixing this? Would also need to make sure the hole is not bigger than whats currently there.

So basically I am looking for a push button momentary that is the same size hole as these pilot toggles and that has the larger prongs on the back.

Are the tabs 3/16" or 1/4"?
Do you have a Radio Shack? The have a decent variety.

I think they are 6.3mm

Here is a better picture of them

Dang all the momentary buttons I’m finding have the smaller solder terminals. They’re all rated around 3amps. Your toggle is probably rated a lot higher.

I found one with screw terminals, but don’t know if it’s the same body diameter that you want.

They do make momentary toggle switches that lever is spring loaded. Maybe one of those would have the bigger terminals & correct diameter.

Anyone else that can help here? I cannot seem to find a push button with the large terminals that are on the current toggle switch. Seems so stupid to me!

I got my push button at home depot. Cant say how big it is as its a few years old… was part of my first setup.
Check HD, and all auto stores too…

Momentary Toggle with 1/4" terminals:

Or Dorman switch part # 85958…

Are you against soldering for some reason? You’re really limiting your choices and it’s not hard at all. Watch a few Youtube instructional videos and buy a cheap soldering iron. Just a suggestion.

Hey, I use an on-off-momentary like the Buggie folks use. It has a rubber cover to pprotect from weather. Its a toggle with the 1/4 terminals. mine is hooked up to the compressor for on & off and the horn at momentary. Works great! Check out the dune buggy parts places. Mark

Can you link?
Check out the sealed switches. This is the type I use. I have used one for my ignition switch on my buggy for years. This is just one of the places that sell them. Mark

The push button one on that site should work. It’s rated for 20 amps and recommended for ignition or horn so it must be momentary.
This is a 3 position rocker rated at 20 amps @12V. It is dual pole. It is momentary/off/on. Center position is off. I mounted mine in my obd2 diagnostics port, It fit perfectly.

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