Monkey Rides Segway

And this is how it all starts… Monkey takeover!

it’s amazing how quickly he learned to control it! I’d still be learning how not to fall off…lol


Have you noticed that every Japanese show has someone watching in a box in the corner?

But let me guess if he had an oasis compressor he would have learned even quicker eh?

lol my life is now complete.

Of course…lmao

Since Segues are electric, the moment the compressor kicked on - the Segue would have died…

good point…lol

guess it shoud have used a viair since the monkey didnt need a EDC compressor to fill up a 1 gallon tank

a EDC for a 1 gallon tank is over kill…lol that would be the dumbest thing i ever seen

It does seem like overkill but some people need the small tank to cool the air down and to help capture moisture. This is mostly for tools like spray painters and air suspension bags that need absolutely dry air.

Uh… a water separator isn’t what you would call a tank… it holds a few ounces at best…

And if you’re painting with a 5-gallon tank, you’d better be painting toy models…
Air suspension can benefit from a water separator, but there is no reason to cool compressed air for air springs and electric valves…

Ok Lance, you’re right. I didn’t mention the moisture trap but a tank or long hose is needed to cool the air first so it will work, right?
I was told that if oil gets inside the air bags it can break down the seals over time and cause them to leak. Have you heard that?

Nope, not true. There are no seals in an air bag (air spring). There is only rubber and top & bottom plates. If there’s something in the bag, it will either settle on the lower plate that is either crimped or banded in place or will be evacuated with air movement through the system.

Oil won’t hurt an air spring… but it could cause problems with valves… it will definitely destroy a VIAIR… (I’ve seen people try to lubricate their VIAIRs before, and it ain’t pretty!)

Is that true for all bag manufacturers?

Now that you mention it, it was an associate of ours that distributes extreme air valves that told me about the oil. He must have been referring to his valves when I thought we were talking about the bags.

LMAO…lubricating an oiless compressor, that’s funny

True of all bag mfg., except that some mfg. turn their units into strut bags… the strut inside the bag may be adversely affected by oil, but any amount that could get in - would probably be negligible.

You’d be amazed at what we find inside compressors…

“Whaddaya mean there’s no warranty!!!”

“Whaddaya mean there’s no warranty!!!”

been there, done that…lol!