Motorhome Install

This is my second set of HornBlasters. The last set was on my 1982 Airstream Motorhome, but we traded up to a 1994 Monaco Crown Royale Signature 40’ diesel pusher.

It comes with a couple of air horns on the roof but that is clearly not sufficient. The good news is that there is plenty of room underneath for installation. The other good news is that the brakes and suspension are driven by air so there is already air available, although at a pressure up to 125 PSI.

The place I decided to install the horns in behind the headlight and ahead of the wheel on the drivers side. I welded up a bracket that attaches to one of the frame members with a third support attaching to the fiberglass electrical center for stability

I will install a separate tank that will be fed off the original 1/4" airhorn line with a check valve so that it will fill to 125 PSI as the brake and suspension air tank fills, and the initial blast can be made without compromising the air supply for the brakes and suspension.

I’ll post some more pictures when I get the air tank and get it installed.


That’s some impressive work!


That’s one heck of a house on wheels:eek:
Great job on that bracket. Keen to see how it all mounts on the motor home.

Welcome to the forum. I too would like to see the finished product.

I just ordered the tank and should have it this week. Hopefully get it wrapped up this weekend.


Nice job, loving the bracket:D

I love the idea of a motor home, I was lucky enough see inside UK-z28’s F350, it was awesome, complete with leather settee, proper air con, a fridge bigger than the one I have at home etc etc (only one complaint it was full of chocolate & not beer!) lol

Good luck with your install!

What’s the white thing on the top of yours at the front? It looks like a camera or periscope?

The white thing is a remote control spot light.

If you have ever travelled in a motorhome, it is hard to go back to a car or truck. It is especially good for the passengers as they have access to a restroom, hot and cold running water, and a bed if they want to take a nap.

Ours has a bathtub with a shower, and a queen size bed.

We normally tow my sports car or our Mazda Tribute depending on where we are heading.


Paul, that’s just proper awesome! I’d end up living in it full time, then wake up every morning to a different view if I wanted!

Here is how the horns look on the mount I made when it is installed.

I got the tank in this week and welded up a mount to hold it upside down. It ended up strong enough to hold my weight, so should give years of service.

I was able to tap into the 1/4" feed line for the original air horns which will be used to fill the tank. I also tapped electrical into the feed to original 1/4" solenoid. It is black with a silver label on the right of the electrical bay. I can’t think of a good reason to switch back to the original air horns from the drivers seat, so I extended the original yellow feed to go to the 1/2" solenoid from HornBlasters.

I ran the airline and the electrical using grommets out the front of the electrical bay, which is where the horns and tank are mounted.

I used a waterproof butt connector to make the connection and put split loom over the wire.

I mounted the tank mount.

I made the air connections, and started the motorhome engine to fill the tanks to check for air leaks.

I gave a couple of short blasts to make sure all was well, and will try it some more when I am out of the neighborhood.


Nothing short of IMPRESSIVE!!! Really nice install there!:slight_smile:

Love your handiwork. … but lets not forget the important stuff here. When do we get to see a picture of the bathtub :smiley:

Here are some interior pictures

Here is the cockpit.

Looking at living area back from the front. Kitchen on the right. Couch on the right folds out into a bed. The cabinets are solid walnut. Countertops are Corian. We recently had the tile and backsplash updated. That was outside my capabilites, but I found a local father and son team who were wonderful craftsman who did a fantastic job. We also updated all the 1994 gold trim with brushed nickel.

Looking at living area from the bathroom. Dining table is on the right. Note the one piece windshield. I had it replaced a while ago and it looked even bigger in the shop.

Side-by-side fridge that runs on 120V or propane.

And a separate ice maker under the bar.

Separate sink in the bathroom.

Washer Dryer so you don’t have to take too many clothes or stop at a laundramat.

Queen size bed. Sorry it is not made.

And as requested, the bath with shower.

Holy moly! Great stuff and thanks for the tour.

Nice! Sure going to have that GET OUTTA MY WAY sound that fits the size!

Wow! I love being nosey and seeing inside those things! Awesomeness on an unrivalled scale of awesome! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

I’m still in ore! Even a WASHER DRYER!!!