mounting compressor/tank under range rover

can I mount my compressor/tank under the range rover classic? will it be ok with dirt and water?

I already have a 100litre liquid petrolium tank in my trunk/boot so its a bit tight in there already.

I’ve had compressors mounted under my trucks in the past for both Horns and Air ride and have never really had a big problem with them. As long as the filter stays clean for the most part you shouldn’t have any problems

As long as you’re not submerging the compressor you should be fine. They are very resistant to the elements, so just make sure to relocate your air filter high and dry.

I actually have some pictures from SEMA last year showing (if I remember correctly) a 450 running underwater using the snorkel kit. Of course this is not recommended and I’m sure it instantly voids your warranty but it seemed to work. Pretty cool display.

Why did I have so much trouble with the AZ under my Truck?

Haha, You put that compressor thru hell dude, that filter that’s K&N Red when it’s new came back to us blacker then a whores heart. That compressor failed due to mounting location. Also, you had it filling an 8 gallon tank which is a very heavy load for a single compressor. It’s all about where you mount the stuff!

Tiernan, do you mean this one???

heheh… :smiley:

We brought two 450C compressors with us, that were set up to run underwater just in case we had a failure. We used leader hose to pull air in from the outside of the tank (snorkel) and another to plumb to the bubble tubing across the front of the tank.

We only used one of the pumps, and operated it all week long, for about 5 hours per day for 5 days straight. We only turned the unit off to allow the water to settle and for people to walk up to the fish tank - then we’d turn it on and it would turn the whole tank into a bubbling cauldron… Once we got the unit home, we inspected it for rust and water damage - there was none. Properly installed, this unit was completely water tight. Please note: this is not a typical 450C compressor. This unit’s cost would make 450Cs a lot less affordable due to the extra measures taken to ensure watertightness.

Did you remote mount the air filter??? If not, that would be my first guess

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Ha ha, no i did not.

Haha thats awesome… I doubt ill ever need something like that, but still cool to look at…